Miami Elite Track Club

"Building Great Athletes One Stride at a Time"

Miami Elite Track Club, INC.

Who we are:

Miami Elite Track Club was incorporated in Miami as a non-profit organization in the summer of 2010. The team was established in order to help youth athletes develop healthy lifestyles and achieve athletic goals. Through structured training, practices, and athletic events, each athlete is taught the value of hard work, leadership, and perseverance. Miami Elite is a tool for each athlete to succeed in all areas of commitment, on and off the track.

Our programs are designed to instill healthy habits to be carried throughout the rest of each athlete's life. Studies show that lifestyle changes made at an early age are more likely to be kept throughout adulthood. Our mission is to attend to every individual regardless of athletic ability. We tailor our programs to fit every individual's needs rather than a "one size fits all" plan.


What we do:

In simple terms we TRAIN athletes. 

We train athletes to be at their very best mainly through a scientific approach into Training. Coaching is not just about getting something online and following someone else's plan. It is about setting your own plan based on the individual athletes needs and working with the athlete as a whole to develop them in a safe, effective and age appropriate way.


  We are primarily a Running Team that offers training year-round. For our competitive athletes emphasis is on getting our athletes in shape for competitions including Road Races, Track and Field, and Cross Country.

For our first time runners they are introduced to the sport and are taught fundamental skills. As they progress through the training and improve they will have the option to compete in events if desired. 

For our High School Athletes preparation for District competitions, Regional Championships, and State Championships is the main target. Our main goal is to better their times in their respective events as the season progresses. 

For our more advanced athletes and those that reach high levels of fitness through training they will have the chance to compete against the very best in the county, region, state, and possibly nation through competitions in Cross Country, Track & Field, and Road Racing. 

Who we work with: 

Athletes and beginners ages 6 and up are welcomed to come out. We separate our groups based on age, fitness levels, and program. We work with elementary, middle school, high school, and post high school / collegiate athletes. 

The Programs we offer:

-Track & Field Training / Competition

-Cross Country Training / Competition

-Beginners Running Program

-General Fitness

-Speed & Conditioning

Track & Field and Cross Country Program: 

Our Track & Field and Cross Country program is one of the top programs in the state every year, producing top-ranked athletes in the state and nation. We believe in long-term success and progressive improvement of the athlete. There are no shortcuts to training, but there are many ways to get our athletes to reach their potential through the guidance of our knowledgeable staff. We have been fortunate to produce multiple State Champions, State Medalists, and National Medalists through the pairing of our training methods with each athlete's discipline.

We compete at the Local, Regional, and National level for both Cross Country and Track & Field. Competitions at the youth level, ages 6 to 18, are divided into age groups and sometimes grade level.


Track & Field is the #1 participatory sport in the United States for girls and #2 for boys according to the National Federation of State High School Associations. 

Beginners' Running / General Fitness:

We understand that not every athlete we get may be ready to compete at events. We also know that some kids may just want to participate in practices and not compete while they are still learning to exercise or run. Understanding that everyone has different levels of comfort when they exercise, we created a program that allows everyone to be part of a group and still learn why exercising is important for overall health. Our team is separated into various groups based on age and fitness level. Beginning athletes are introduced to proper techniques and are progressively trained to improve fitness. We also feel that teaching our athletes the importance of nutrition, hydration, injury prevention, and rest is important in maintaining a healthy body and enjoying exercise. Miami Elite approaches exercise and running as progressive and long-term developments to assure that the body has time to adapt to avoid setbacks from injuries.

Speed & Conditioning: 

In the sport of Track & Field, every millisecond is crucial. It can determine whether you win the gold medal or come in last place. It is a sport of precision and complete fitness. Miami Elite helps develop the speed and fitness one needs to excel in competitive sports. This is one of the reasons why our athletes have had much success in the competitive field. Over the years we have worked with athletes of different sports and backgrounds. We welcome athletes from any sport and currently train several who play Baseball, Football, Tennis, Soccer, Volleyball, and Rugby. When they return to their respective sports, they are faster, stronger, and more confident than ever due to improved fitness.

                Miami Elite welcomes athletes that play other sports to join us for sessions in Speed & Conditioning Training.

Our Fees: 

Please contact us for fees. We offer very reasonable rates. 

Joining Us:

We have open enrollment, meaning you can join us at any time in the year.

You can come out and join us for a complimentary session without committing to our program. Just contact us by going to the bottom of this page. We would love to hear from you and helping you reach your goals.

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Giving Back to our Community:

Miami Elite is proud to give back to our community every year through donations, participating in charity events, and through volunteering. We believe that through giving back to our community we can serve as an example in how everyone can work together towards a better community. Through volunteering some of our athletes also learn to appreciate what they have and can also do their part in helping out. 


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