Miami Elite Track Club

"Building Great Athletes One Stride at a Time"

Coral Reef Montessori Academy Running Program - Cross Country / Track & Field



Miami Elite is excited to be part of the Coral Reef Montessori family for the 2015-2016 school year and is enthusiastic to provide excellent coaching to our athletes. Our goal is to help youth athletes develop healthy lifestyles and achieve athletic goals. Through structured training, practices, and athletic events, each athlete is taught the value of hard work, leadership, and perseverance. Miami Elite is a tool for each athlete to succeed in all areas of commitment, on and off the track.

Our program is designed to instill healthy habits to be carried throughout the rest of each athlete's life. Studies show that lifestyle changes made at an early age are more likely to be kept throughout adulthood. Our mission is to attend to every individual regardless of athletic ability. We tailor our program and training to fit every individual's needs rather than a "one size fits all" plan.

Running is the foundation of most sports. It is one of the oldest sports, one of the most participated sports worldwide, and is the most watched Summer Olympic sport. Through running, we get our bodies in shape, develop mental toughness, and work toward achieving goals. It is a lifelong activity that can be done alone, as a group, or as a team. Unlike most sports that require team success, individuals participating in Cross Country have the opportunity to experience both individual and team success. Success in running is not just about winning; it is about personal improvement.



Reasons to Join the Running Program:

  • Running is a great cardiovascular activity. Who doesn't want a healthier heart and lungs?
  • Running is the foundation of most sports like soccer, basketball, football, baseball. If you learn to run faster you'll benefit other sports you do as well.
  • Centers for Disease Control & Prevention recommends that children and adolescents should do 60 minutes or more of physical activity each day.
  • Running and exercise are linked to getting better grades.
  • We believe in balance, so our program is a well-rounded and complete exercise program. 
  • Our program is for beginners, advanced, and everyone that wants to exercise. New athletes are always welcomed.
  • Running is a great stress reliever. 
  • You don't need expensive equipment. You just need a good pair of running shoes, athletic clothing, and a positive attitude.
  • For those that play other sports, you can join us for your off-season training or to learn how to run faster.
  • For our beginners and our younger athletes, we work on the fundamentals and believe in progression with our programs to avoid athletic injuries.
  • We teach our athletes the importance of nutrition, hydration, and health.
  • Our program is NOT a ''one size fits all" cookie cutter program. We know that everyone is different and want every athlete to reach their own potential.
  • Our athletes will learn the value of hard work, setting goals, good sportsmanship, and not giving up in an age appropriate environment. 
  • Running is a lifelong sport and activity. You don't need a team. You don't need a buddy. You can do it whenever, wherever. 
  • Success is not just measured by winning in running. It is about improving as an athlete and a student.
  • Competitions have both a team and individual aspect. 
  • Our Miami Elite Club program has worked with over 900 athletes since the program officially started in 2010 with ages 5-19.  
  • Our coaches are knowledgeable, friendly, and well trained. They are also all certified by USA Track & Field (USATF) which is the National Body of Athletics (Cross Country, Track & Field, Road Racing) in the United States. It is the same organization that is involved with sending our Track & Field Athletes to the Olympics.

These are just some of the reasons why you should join our program. There are many, many more reasons. We hope to have the opportunity to work with your son or daughter. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

CRMA Program Coaches:

Program Director:

Coach Danny Aguas

Assistant Coaches:

Coach Giovanni Bravo

Coach Michelle Bueno

Coach Stephanie Pacheco

More information about those coaches can be found by clicking here.

Guide to Our Website:


  • Ability to Register your son / daughter directly online
  • Ability to Pay Program Fee through our online secured form
  • Ability to Purchase additional gear (like shirts, uniforms, warm-up set, etc.)
  • Ability to Contact us regarding the program or if you have general questions
  • Training Schedule and Information 
  • Competition Schedule and Athlete Competition Results 
  • Useful Guides and Information about Exercise, Nutrition, and Performance


                             Frequently Asked Questions:

Where will we practice?

We will always stay on school campus. During practice we will utilize the PE field and the field adjacent to the PE field.

What happens after practice is over for the day?

We will have one of our coaches take athletes in after school care back to their classes. For those that are not in after school care we will take them to the front of the school under the awning (in front of the main office) until they get picked up. Please be on time when picking up your athlete.

What happens in the event of rain?

In case of rain we will still have practice. Depending on how light or strong the rain is will depend if we stay under a shelter doing exercises or use the fields for running. 

What happens in the event of lightning during practice?

We will seek shelter and remain there until the weather has cleared. If we go passed our practice time waiting or the weather does not clear we will stay with your son / daughter until they are picked up. 

When are practices cancelled?

Practices will only be cancelled due to severe weather (tornado watch, hurricane, thunderstorm, etc.) If severe weather becomes a problem during practice we will seek shelter and stay with your athlete until they are picked up.

Who are the Coaches?

Our coaches working at Coral Reef Montessori Academy are all background checked and cleared by Miami-Dade County Public Schools. For more information about our coaches please: Click Here for more information about our coaches

We will have at least 2 coaches at practices at all time.


We will take part and offer 5-8 competitions in each season (Fall & Spring programs) Competitions are NOT mandatory. Please note that competition opportunities will vary depending on the age of your athlete. If you will be competing you will need to purchase the team uniform for $35, that includes the jersey and shorts.