Miami Elite Track Club

"Building Great Athletes One Stride at a Time"

Practice Information, Frequently Asked Questions, and Weather Cancellations:

We offer 2 year round practice locations for our programs. One in Tropical Park and the other one in Miami Lakes at Barbara Goleman SR High

Please see below for additional information regarding our practice locations and practices.


Tropical Park

Address: 7900 SW 40th St, Miami, FL 33155

Practice Schedule:


5:30-7:15 PM

Softball Field #4


5:30-7:15 PM



5:30-7:15 PM




7:30-9:30 AM 

(depending on Training calendar)

**If you are a NEW ATHLETE please contact Coach Michelle at 786-408-4016 if you cannot find our group, if it's before 5 PM please text as it will be easier to communicate. If you have any questions you can also email or text the number above.


We are currently NOT at Miami Lakes
Barbara Goleman Senior High School

Address: 14100 NW 89th Ave Miami Lakes, FL 33018 United States

Practice Schedule:


6:30-8:30 PM


6:30-8:30 PM

Meeting Location:

At Barbara Goleman Senior High School we meet at the track. The track is located at the back of the school, and can be accessed through the Drivers ED parking lot (in the back of the school). Please see the photo on the right. 

**If you cannot find us at Barbara Goleman SR High please call 

786-368-1151 if it's during practice time or TEXT 786-368-1151 if it's before 5:30 PM.

7900 SW 40 street, miami, fl
14100 NW 89th Ave Miami Lakes, FL 33018

Can I attend practice at both locations?

Yes, you can. We currently have athletes that train at both locations or athletes that live in the middle of both locations and train at either Miami Lakes or Tropical Park. Saturday practices are really for both groups to attend. 

What time of year do you have the program?

Miami Elite is a year round program and has open enrollment throughout the year.

What do I need to bring to Practice?

-Drinking Water
-Athletic Attire
-Running Shoes / Sports Shoes
It is recommended that you bring a stretching / yoga mat as we do exercises and stretches that require going on the grass.

Does my child need to attend all practices?

While we do encourage you and your child to stay consistent with the training to be able to achieve results practices are not mandatory. Attending practices sporadically while not doing anything outside of practice (not going to practice and not exercising on your own while you are not attending) will not help an athlete reach their potential. 

For beginners we recommend at least 2-3 practices.
For more advanced athletes in Middle School or High School beginners we recommend 3-5 practices.
For highly advanced High School & competitive athletes 4-6 practices
It is not required to attend all of our scheduled practices. The number of "practices" above can also be done on your own, our coaching staff can instruct you on what to do if you cannot attend our practice. 

Are there other kids my child's age?

Yes, our program has kids ages 6-18. 

Where can I get more information?

If you have browsed our website and still have questions you may contact us by FILLING OUT THIS FORM: CLICK HERE

What do I do when I am ready to be part of Miami Elite? How do I sign up?

Once you are ready to be part and to join Miami Elite then FILL OUT OUR ATHLETE REGISTRATION FORM BY CLICKING HERE.

You may also sign up in PERSON at either practice location. 

Before committing to our program you may try out our practice. Please FILL OUT THIS FORM IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN TRYING IT OUT. 

Do we speak Spanish?

YES! We can give training instruction and can provide additional information in Spanish. 

Information about the possibility of Practice Cancellations due to Weather:

Practices are only cancelled in the event of extreme bad weather. Which may include:


-Heavy Rain

-Hurricane / Tornado or other extreme weather watch

In the event of extreme bad weather that may present itself once practice starts we will stop practice and seek shelter. Once in the shelter if it is safe to exercise we will modify our training to include a routine that could be done inside.

We may still be able to host practice if we have access to a safe area that is sheltered in the event of heavy rain. Safety is our #1 concern with our athletes.  

Stay tuned to our Home Page announcements via Twitter or by going on the NEWS section of our website via our Twitter feed for the latest information regarding practice announcements due to weather concerns.

Extreme Bad Weather HOURS PRIOR doesn't constitute a cancelled practice.

While we understand that some athletes may live far and need to know ahead of time about practices due to weather concerns most of the time we can only estimate weather patterns for our practice locations 30-45 minutes PRIOR to a scheduled practice. Just because it is raining by your house doesn't mean that it is or that it will rain at our practice locations.


In the event of inclement weather at Tropical Park we will utilize the Equestrian Center which is under cover. At Barbara Goleman Senior High School we do not have many options to host a practice under inclement weather. 


Map of Tropical Park