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Recurring Payments

Subscription Based Payment Plans:

To get set up on a Recurring Monthly Payment Plan please email us at or see Coach Michelle at practice. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What does recurring mean? 

Recurring payments are an option that allows our parents to make credit / debit card payments to us automatically at regular monthly intervals. Like this you don't have to worry about remembering to pay online or forgetting your checkbook.

Did you want to just pay online month by month on your own and not use this Recurring Payments Form? 

Then please use or pay the invoice you'll get by email.

Who processes the month to month recurring program training fees? 

Stripe is our secure, recurring payment gateway. They are a certified PCI Service Provider (Level 1), the most stringent level of certification. Rest assured your transactions and customer data are secure.

Are there any extra fees charged to me for using this service?

While Stripe (our payment processor) charges us (Miami Elite) fees per transaction we do not charge our clients any additional fees for using the Subscription Based recurring payment service.

Can I cancel? 

Yes you may cancel at any time. Please let us know by emailing when you would like to cancel. Please note that you must do so at least 10 days in advance.

Can I change Subscription / Recurring Plans? 

Yes you may. Please email You must let us know 10 days in advance so that for the following month the change can be in effect. Example: You have 1 athlete in the current recurring plan but have another son / daughter that is joining. We will process the new correct plan and add the sibling discount. New athletes can join at any time even if you are adding them to an existing plan. We will prorate so that the subscription date is the same for both athletes.

If you have any questions regarding our subscription based recurring payment plans please email us at