Miami Elite Track Club

"Building Great Athletes One Stride at a Time"

Program Fees:


(We have open enrollment, the "month" is based on when the athlete starts)

Registration Fee: 

(One Time Fee)

1 Athlete $50 


2 Athletes $50 per athlete ($100)

3 Athletes $40 per athlete ($120)

4 Athletes $40 per athlete ($160)

*The registration fee includes 2 team shirts


Monthly Training Fee:

(Recurring, per month)

1 Athlete $120


2 Athletes $225 (equivalent of $112.50 per athlete)

3 Athletes $324 (equivalent of $108 per athlete)

4 Athletes $400 (equivalent of $100 per athlete)

(For one athlete the fee is the equivalent of $24-30 per week on practice depending on if the month has 4 or 5 weeks)



A new athlete would pay $50 Registration plus $120 Monthly Fee for the 1st month. 

After that the athlete would only pay $120 per month as a training fee. The same idea applies to siblings.


About the Registration Fee:

The Registration Fee is a one time fee. It is not per year or per season. You may come back at any time during the year and you will not have to pay the Registration Fee again. 

You may try out 1 free practice without committing to the program.


Methods of Payment:

-Online Credit Card / Debit Card (instructions sent by email once athlete enrolls)

-Cash at Practice

-Check at Practice 

-Credit Card / Debit Card at Practice