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Private Training

PRIVATE SESSIONS - For athletes ages 10+ 


Tailored training for beginners to advanced level athletes of ANY sport to improve speed and technique, and work on supplementing their current training routine. 


Speed & Conditioning, Track & Field, Cross Country, as well as General Fitness athletes are welcomed. We have worked with many athletes of different sports backgrounds from baseball, soccer, tennis, basketball, and football.  


90 minute sessions -


To achieve maximum athletic performance we work on 5 different physical components (Speed, Endurance, Strength, Coordination, and Flexibility in different percentages depending on the sport or event of the athlete so that it best correlates). We look at the athlete’s current fitness level, training age (how long they’ve been doing the sport or training under a structured plan), and goals. We also analyze the athlete’s strengths and weaknesses as well as any faults in form to further work on improving.  


Sessions include warm-up, workout, analysis, recommendations for what to do at home,

access to training equipment during the session, and access to Hyperice recovery tools after the session. 



$80 per session (for the 1st session) 


Packages can be purchased after the 1st session and must be paid either all at once (can be scheduled separately) or in 2 installments (within 2 weeks of 1st session) to get the discounted session price at the following price: 


5 additional sessions for $65 per session for $325 ($75 savings off single session price) 

10 additional sessions for $55 per session for $550 ($250 savings off single session price)  


Semi Private (90 minutes to 1 hour and 45 minutes) - you can bring 1-4 additional athletes (friends) 


Per Session: 

2 athletes–$65 per session per athlete 

3 athletes–$60 per session per athlete

4 athletes–$55 per session per athlete

5 athletes–$50 per session per athlete

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